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Image Retrieval

Search for any word and then the top retrieval images relevant to that word show up with their scores. This is content-based image search.

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List of Tags

This link shows the list of Flickr tags that we trained on, together with our retrieval results, corresponding ImageNet synsets and Flickr tag-based search results.

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NUSWIDE results

Here you can find the image classification and retrieval results on NUS-WIDE dataset. This is content-based image classification and retrieval system.

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Live Demo

You can upload and image or provide a url and find. Then we run our models on the image and show the top labels with corresponding scores.

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Publication and citation

Deep Classifiers from Image Tags in the Wild
Hamid Izadinia, Bryan C. Russell, Ali Farhadi, Matthew D. Hoffman, Aaron Hertzmann
Multimedia COMMONS, ACM Multimedia, 2015.
PDF · Demo